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Jadeite figurine of an Aztec eagle warrior, British Museum

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Professor Lori Boornazian Diel

Were there any female rulers? asked The Raleigh School. Read what Professor Lori Boornazian Diel had to say.

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Series on Aztecs nominated for a Children’s TV BAFTA award

In February and March 2004 the BBC broadcast an impressive new series of programmes on the Aztecs, recently filmed on location in Mexico. They have been re-broadcast several times since and are still available for purchase as a Teaching Pack... (Written/compiled by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

If the amazing longevity of the forerunner of this series (‘Landmarks’) is anything to go by (produced in 1992 it’s still being used in primary schools throughout the country ...), this refreshingly new series (which we’ve previewed) will enjoy a deservedly long shelf life.

Key Stage 2 - Primary History - The Aztecs

BBC Aztecs Primary History DVD Plus pack
BBC Aztecs Primary History DVD Plus pack

(1) In search of the Aztecs Presenter Jayne Constantinis visits present-day Mexico City to find evidence of the great Aztec Empire that flourished in that part of Central America less than 500 years ago. The remains of Aztec temples under the centre of Mexico City, and some of the amazing objects found there, are the starting point for an enquiry into Aztec beliefs, ritual, and everyday life. The programme covers:-

• Archaeological evidence of the Aztecs
• Where the Aztecs came from
• How people lived in Aztec times
• Aztec warriors
• Aztecs priests, gods and rituals.

(2) The end of the Aztec Empire Jayne Constantinis tells the story of the Spanish Conquistador, Hernán Cortés, who sailed from Europe to what is now Mexico, and, in 1521, overturned the great Aztec Empire. It also looks at what happened afterwards, explaining why present day Mexico is now a Spanish-speaking, Catholic country. The programme covers:-

• The arrival of the Spanish
• The Spanish enter the Aztec capital
• The Spanish retreat in disarray
• The Spanish return and defeat the Aztecs
• What happened to the Aztecs after the conquest.

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