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Professor Camilla Townsend

Question for April 2013

Would a son inherit the family house from his father when he grew up? Asked by Latchmere School. Chosen and answered by Professor Camilla Townsend.

An Aztec father and son
An Aztec father and son (Click on image to enlarge)

Although scholars are not 100% certain, we believe that he would have. We think this is the case because not long after the conquest, there is evidence of Nahuas making what they called “my sick person’s statement”, when, in the last days of life, they would announce which family member was to receive what. On the other hand, all landed property in a sense belonged to the commonweal [community]. The local chief, or king, distributed the lands to families, and could choose to redistribute them if he saw fit.

Picture source:-
Photo (detail from a mural by Fanny Rabel, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City) by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore.

Professor Camilla Townsend has answered 5 questions altogether:

Is it true a boy was punished by being held over burning chiles but a girl was just threatened with this?

Would a son inherit the family house from his father when he grew up?

When they got married, were they arranged marriages?

What was the highest position a woman could reach?

Why did the Aztecs sacrifice the men and not the women?

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