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Professor Eric Taladoire

Question for April 2012

How many people watched the [ball]game? Asked by St Andrew’s CE Primary School. Chosen and answered by Professor Eric Taladoire.

Just one of the 24 ballcourts at Cantona, Mexico
Just one of the 24 ballcourts at Cantona, Mexico (Click on image to enlarge)

It is impossible to know, but there were not many spectators. Given the limited space around most ballcourts, or on top of lateral [side] structures, we can surmise [make a sensible guess] it would not amount to more than a few dozen persons. This fits with the game’s ritual and official meaning.

NOTE: Professor Taladoire, a world expert on the ancient Mesoamerican ballgame, has written a special article on the ballgame for Mexicolore, which we will be uploading to the site in the coming weeks, leading up to the Olympics in London...

Photo courtesy Eric Taladoire.

‘Oh balls!’

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Professor Eric Taladoire has answered 5 questions altogether:

Did the Aztecs have hospitals?

Did they have medical teams on hand [in the ballgame] in case there were injuries?

How many people watched the [ball]game?

After the ballgame, did they perform the sacrifice(s) straight away...?

Would they have carried on playing the ballgame if it was pouring with rain?

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