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Enonchado series: Cortés dines with Moctezuma’s envoys

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Dr. Leonardo López Luján

Were children allowed to go to the market by themselves? asked St. Neot’s Prep School. Read what Dr. Leonardo López Luján had to say.

New important finds at Zultépec-Tecoaque
INAH has found the skeleton of a high ranking Acolhua leader in a cistern, a full size throne made of volcanic rock, and a carved stone with the glyph of Ometochtli or “Two Rabbit”.

Welcome to the Aztecs at Mexicolore!

Mexicolore is a small, independent, artefact-based teaching team providing in-school visits and teaching resources on Mexico, the Mexica (Aztecs) and the Maya. Since 1980 our living history teams have now made over 3,000 visits to schools, museums, arts centres, hospitals and galleries throughout England.

”Mexicolore has probably reached more people on the planet than all of the courses on Mexico taught at universities added together. It has been a wonderful success that has brought the magic of Mesoamerica to untold numbers of people...” (Dr. Alan R. Sandstrom, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Indiana University Fort Wayne, USA)

“Mexicolore is the only organisation in the United Kingdom that for the last 30 years has been devoted to promoting Mexico’s Aztec heritage, presenting it in a unique and extraordinary way.” (Minister Ignacio Durán, ex-Cultural Attaché, Mexican Embassy, UK)

“Los felicito por la excelente labor educativa que hacen en escuelas, museos y el internet. ¡Su página es, simplemente, la mejor que yo conozca!” (Dr. Leonardo López Luján, Director, Proyecto Templo Mayor, Mexico City)

In support of our school Living History workshops on Mexico, the Aztecs and the Maya, in which some 210,000 children have already participated, this constantly updated, 100% educational website, based in London and established in 2001, offers a wealth of carefully researched information and resources on (ancient) Mexico, all designed to inspire, inform, intrigue and encourage serious students of the Aztecs, the Maya (and ancient Mesoamerica in general) of ALL ages. Note: we receive no funding of any kind, you won’t find us on Facebook, and we carry no adverts. We’re fiercely proud of our independence!

To read and share our vision, click on ‘Getting Involved’, in the left hand menu.

Early unicycle?Could this be a prototype

Mesoamerican unicycle...?!

Colour and Culture Among the Aztecs (1)Natural elements used to make Mexica adornments

themselves bore identity and conveyed meaning...

Daysign PollJoin in our poll and vote for your

favourite Aztec calendar day sign...!

Aztec and Maya day signsHow similar are the 20 Aztec

and 20 Maya daysigns?

Dancing with snakes - and swallowing them!Every 8 years the Mexica danced with snakes

and raced to be the first to swallow them...!

The Aztecs, patolli and gamblingThe Aztecs, patolli,

and their passion for gambling...

Did the Maya and Aztecs take feathers for headdresses from birds other than quetzals?Which birds had their feathers taken

for headdresses by the Maya and Aztecs?

Ask UsCould you get divorced

in Aztec society?

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC JEWELLERYBasic Aztec facts:


Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC TEMPLESBasic Aztec facts:


What did royal women wear?What did royal Aztec

women wear?

Were all gods male and female?Did all Aztec gods have male

and female aspects?